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Welcome to our Boracay Spa and Massage teatments page


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MANDALA SPA BORACAY - Upscale Massage & Spa


POSEIDON SPA BORACAY - Upscale Massage & Spa


Boracay Spa and Massage

There are a number of establishments offering spa and masasge in Boracay. These spa services range from a simple massage right on the beach by a local massage lady to luxurious spas in your own private hut or villa on the hill overlooking the ocean. Boracay Spas and Massage Parlors offer all types of massages including Swedish, Indian, Shiatsu, oil, Thai and even Acupressure.

Budget Massage in Boracay - P250-500 ( $5-10 usd )
Mid-range Massage & Spas - P1000-2,500 ( $20-35 usd )
Upscale Massage & Spas - P2,500-9,000 ( $50-175 usd )

Budget Massage

Along Boracays White Beach you will be approached frequently by women offering on the spot massage, which they will do or on a towel laid out on the beach - your choice. White Beach also has several "Massage Stations" where several masseurs that have their own mats set up.  There is also a good outdoor massage station in the beach area of Nigi Nigi Beach Resort. They offer every massage in the book, and charge 500 Peso for one hour.

Mid-range Massage & Spas

Boracays Mid Range Spa and Massages offer a menu including massages, scrubs and facials but has no facilities to be considered a full spa. Majority of Boracay Hotels offer a limited spa menu that falls into the Mid-range Massage & Spas category. Upscale Massage & Spas

Tirta Spa
Tirta Spa is a full-service Boracay spa establishment with a decidedly Balinese atmosphere. Indian treatments in a stunning environment for an affordable price. Male spa enthusiasts will appreciate its men-only treatments.

Tirta Spa is found in Sitio Malabunot, Manoc-Manoc, area.
+63 36 288 6841 / +63 36 288 6481 / +63 920 918 4857;

Lava Stone Spa
Near Kingfisher’s Farm is Lava Stone Spa in Barangay Manoc-Manoc south of Boracay, and specializes in warming two-hour lava stone massages. 

Phone: +63 36 288 6862 / +63 916 539 1969

Boracay Yasuragi Spa
Attached to Boracay Surfside Resort on White Beach in Station 3 is Boracay Yasuragi Spa. It offers relatively inexpensive spa services. Their basic relaxation package begins at about US$11 or PHP 500. 

Phone: +63 36 288 5006 / +63 36 288 5049

High End Full Service Spas

For professional Boracay spa and massage treatments a full-service spas like Mandala Spa is recommended, their award-winning Hilot Trilogy ( US$88 / PHP 3850) adapts traditional Filipino massage treatments into a thoroughly relaxing  trance-inducing one-hour spa session. Mandala Spa Boracay offers everything from massages to body scrubs, wraps, facials, baths and four hour packages that combine it all. Mandalas Boracay Spa and Massage also rents out rooms to Boracay Tourists. Their rooms are built and furnished in traditional tropical style and usually overlooks the island and White Beach.

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